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What is Global Health Organization (GHO)

More people each day are realizing that integrated modalities better address an individual's mental, emotional and physical wellness. While conventional western medicine addresses symptoms and disease, 21st Century healthcare shifts the emphasis toward preventive medicine along with the building and maintaining of good health. The partnership between both medical modalities and the healing arts has enhanced, and is fueling and is now enhancing the emergence of the modern  medical healthcare continuum.

The Global Health Organization (GHO) represents an interdisciplinary collaboration of western, eastern, ancient and modern approaches to the pursuit of life, health and healing practices. It was created to encourage a cross section of individuals from every walk of life; art, science, and philosophies to come together in a collaborative spirit to heal his planet, one individual at a time, utilizing the methods and modalities of western and traditional medicine,  the healing arts and by any and all means necessary. In GHO these methods and modalities are unified into a movement with a mission of global healing.

As increasing evidence illustrates the benefits of dynamic integrative thinking in addressing the challenges of our time, physicians, practitioners and everyday individuals who have been reluctant to explore other resources and options are now welcoming the idea of increased collaboration.

GHO offers these options through education, fellowship, training and certifications.

Annual conclaves hosted by GHO offer the opportunity to network and share ideas with other members from all over the world.

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