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Membership is opened to all who desire to participate in a mission to heal the planet, one individual at a time by any means necessary

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General Membership
If you have found your purpose and would like to share it with others come, join us!  If you would like some help in finding your purpose and would love to join in on a noble mission, come, join us!

If you would enjoy associating with likeminded individuals and share in a common bond, a common joy and a common passion. Please come and share in a wonderful experience in uniting the world in joy and painlessness.

Professional Membership
If you are an individual who has achieved a level of training in the medical and healing arts and has a desire to become associated with an interdisciplinary collaboration of western, eastern, ancient and modern treatment practices. Come, join us! Professional members are eligible to apply for status in an international academy within GHO.

Corporate Sponsors
For business entities that would like to sponsor, support, attend the functions and participate in the GHO mission.

Contributing Membership
For those who are excited about and would like to make a contribution to the mission, desires to remain informed and up to date as the mission progresses, but may not have the desire and time to participate as a full voting member..

Professional Membership

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