The International Academy of Botanical Medicine shall strive towards establishing a uniform consistent scope of practice and content for the curriculum to be taught in any regional facility world wide that is to teach botanical medicine to students of any nation. Further the academy shall work in concert with teaching institutions to establish the guidelines for a consistent curriculum of botany and herbal / botanical medicine.

Botanical Medicine shall be understood to encompass all aspects of therapeutics in which the remedy used is of a natural / botanical source.

The following forms of botanical medicine shall include:

Formulas made with solvent extraction other than just water which by itself makes a remedy knows as an infusions or decoctions.

Tinctures may have as solvents, alcohol, water, vinegar and glycerin in any variation or combination.

Remedies utilizing glycerin as solvent are known as glycerides. All of the above remedies are considered to be botanical.

Another class of remedies are those made from the oils of plant material in any form. Oils are marketed in various dilution's from essential oils having the highest purity to fragrance oils that have been diluted 1: 10
with carrier oil. The above remedies are considered to be botanicals.

Bach Flower remedies are a third class of botanical medicine and represent an established group of therapeutic compounds made from flowers quite ell established as to effectiveness over the last 50 years. In addition, other groups of remedies not part of the Bach Materia Medica shall also be considered Botanical's for the purpose of this document.

Flower remedies are considered to be botanicals. For the sake of clarity and for the purpose of this document, plant materials that are made into remedies are as follows:

Bark Including: Stem, Bark , Root Bark, Inner Bark, Bulbs, Corms, Exudates / Resins, Fecula , Flowers, Fruit, Herb: The aerial parts of the plant, Juice of the plant, Leaves, Rhizomes, Seeds, Spores, Tubers, Wood Chips.

The above mentioned raw materials may be:

Fresh, Fresh Dried, Dried, And in any of these states of freshness or dryness shall be considered botanical's.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned medical forms:

Respectfully submitted,
Earle Sweet D.C. M.H., D.N.M.
     International Academy of Botanical Medicine