Meritorious Membership: Fellow and Senior Fellow: Lifetime achievement designations

Awarded as to Senior Associates and Senior Diplomates who have made major contributions to the healing arts and the pursuit of wellness on the planet.

Fellowship (Fellow) bestowed upon Sr.Associate and Sr.Diplomate members who are or have provided exemplary efforts in furthering the art, science and philosophy and work of that academy.

Senior Fellowship (Sr.Fellow) bestowed upon a Fellow who is or has provided exemplary contributions toward healing this planet and furthering the art, science, philosophy of an academy or overall spirit of the GHO missionb. A Senior Fellow has also provided a body of work that lives on and continues to further the efforts of an area of healing in posterity i.e., publications, established teaching institutions, developed organizations, etc.

Fellows are nominated by members of the academies from which the Fellowship is to be bestowed or by a member of the International Fellowship Academy by which all Fellowships are ratified. 
Induction into the International Fellowship Academy is granted to an individual to whom a Fellowship has been bestowed.

Standardized credentials are determined by the World Council on Academic Standards in the Healing Arts (WCASHA.)